The Northern Black Hills Woodworking Club

Turned birdhouses by Larry Kellogg

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Next meeting:

At Eric Lie's shop, on Thursday September

Monthly Meeting, October 2017

The meeting took place at Eric and Donna's shop on McGuigan Road.
The Christmas party is scheduled for Killians on December 7th at 6:00.
• Please bring any toys you have made for CASA kids to the Christmas Party.
• If you're still building, Druse and Larry have some 5/4 pine, and access to wheels.
• Max had some surgery in Denver and is doing well.

Treasurer's Report...
• Rob Schurer made a $100 donation to the club at the October meeting. Max Durgin gave him a piece of equipment and rather than being paid, suggested the donation. Our thanks to both of these generous members.
• Three members paid their 2018 dues (Ken, Rob and Denny).
• The bank balance as of November 1 is $690.02.

A Word From The Rapid City Club...

Bob Buchanan wrote and said that the Rapid City Woodworkers Association (RCWA) had their final day of the Toy Making Marathon for 2017. "There are a few toys still being worked at Rick's shop," he said, "but our work for 2017 at the Shop at the Club for Boys is done. The next event will be a general meeting on Nov 13th, and then Toy Packing and Distribution and Delivery will be on Saturday Dec 2nd, 2017." Here's his blog.

Monthly Meeting, September 2017

The meeting took place at Roger Buchholz's shop on Washington Street in Spearfish.
• Druse Kellogg was confirmed as the 2018 president.
• John English was confirmed as the 2018 treasurer.
• Next meeting will be at Eric and Donna Lie's shop on McGuigan Road in Spearfish on October 26th.
• The Nov and Dec meetings will be combined into a Christmas party on or about the 14th of December.
• We welcomed two new members.
• Annual dues will remain at $20 for an individual or family, due by 1/1/18.
• Druse gaveled the meeting closed at 7:49 PM.

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